What kind of videos are you looking for?

Absolutely anything! If you think the video is interesting, there’s a good chance other people will, too. Popular subjects include cute animals, babies, dashcam crashes, shocking CCTV, unusual attractions, street fights, rude scenes and much, much more!

Do you really pay money for videos?

Yes, we’ve been buying clips from members of the public for over ten years. In fact, we have worked with every major publisher and broadcaster in the world during that time… and right now there has never been such a high demand for original footage.

Should I have recorded the video myself?

Yes, due to copyright laws we can only accept video directly from the copyright holder. That means the person who filmed it. If you made the video yourself, that’s great. Or if you received the video from a friend or family member, just get those guys to upload it.

How long will it take for me to be paid?

As soon as you’ve uploaded the video we’ll take a look at it as quickly as possible. We know what clips are great and we’ll make a decision pretty quickly. If the video’s suitable we’ll arrange payment with you and it’ll be in your account within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I know you won’t use the video first?

We simply can’t use the video without an agreement being made with you first and having your permission granted. Your footage is safe with us and we won’t allow it to be published until running everything by you first.